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Beyond our core services, Alhind Business Centre extends a spectrum of diverse solutions under our 'Other Services' umbrella, designed to cater to the multifaceted needs of businesses and individuals alike. Explore a range of specialized services curated to enhance your overall business experience and brand presence.

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Other Services

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Corporate Tax

Alhind provides comprehensive corporate tax services tailored to the specific needs of businesses operating in the UAE. From tax planning and compliance to advisory services, our expert team ensures that your business remains compliant with local tax laws while optimizing your tax position to minimize liabilities and maximize savings.

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VAT Registration

Navigating the complexities of VAT registration in the UAE can be daunting. Alhind simplifies this process by offering efficient and reliable VAT registration services. Our team guides you through the registration process, ensuring compliance with VAT laws and regulations while helping you understand your obligations as a VAT-registered entity.

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Auditing & Consultancy

At Alhind, we understand the importance of accurate financial reporting and compliance. Our auditing and consulting services are designed to provide businesses with independent and insightful analysis, enabling informed decision-making and ensuring transparency and integrity in financial reporting.

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Audit Consultant

Banking Assistance

Alhind understands the importance of seamless banking operations for businesses. Whether you require assistance with opening corporate accounts, securing financing, or managing banking relationships, our team provides personalized support and guidance to meet your banking needs effectively.

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Attestation and Legal Translation

Whether you require document attestation or legal translation services, Alhind offers trusted and efficient solutions. Our team of experts ensures that your documents are accurately translated and legally attested, meeting the requirements of both local and international authorities.

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Trademark Registration

Protecting your intellectual property is vital in today's competitive business landscape. Alhind assists businesses in registering their trademarks, safeguarding their brand identity and preventing unauthorized use or infringement.

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Legal Consultancy (India & UAE)

With extensive knowledge of legal frameworks in both India and the UAE, Alhind offers expert legal consulting services to businesses seeking guidance on various legal matters. From contract review and negotiation to dispute resolution, our experienced team provides strategic advice to help businesses navigate legal complexities efficiently.

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Resmitha R. Chandran (LLB)

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Honeyshya Raj

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Insurance Services

Alhind offers comprehensive insurance services for both businesses and individuals. From property and liability coverage for businesses to health and life insurance for individuals, we tailor solutions to your specific needs. Trust us for reliable protection and peace of mind.

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Alhind Real-estate and Property Developers

Alhind Real Estate and Property Developers are known for streamlining the sales and documentation processes for properties across Kerala. They offer a specialized service catering to the needs of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), allowing investment in Kerala's real estate market without the need for the investors to travel, thus offering a convenient and time-saving solution. Moreover, the company provides comprehensive assistance with all legal proceedings and documentation, ensuring a hassle-free and secure property acquisition experience. To explore their services and offerings in detail, please visit their Facebook page.

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Alhind Academy

Alhind Academy stands out as a top-tier overseas education consultancy in UAE and Kerala, specialized in facilitating the study abroad journey for students. It offers tailored guidance through the entire process, including choosing the right institution, preparing for entrance exams, and visa processing. The academy's strategic partnerships with over a hundred universities worldwide empower students to access quality education in prominent destinations like the UK, US, and Canada. Operating from multiple locations, including UAE, Calicut, Kochi, and Wayanad, Alhind Academy is dedicated to turning students' international education dreams into reality.

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Dubai Court Services

At Alhind, we provide reliable Court Services tailored to meet your legal needs. Whether you require assistance with legal representation, document preparation, or court filings, our experienced team offers efficient and effective solutions. We understand the complexities of the legal system and strive to provide professional support to help you navigate the court process with confidence.

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Digital Marketing

We also specialize in logo designing, website development, branding, and social media advertising. Our team ensures your online presence is visually captivating and strategically aligned with your business goals, helping you engage your audience effectively and drive growth across various digital platforms.

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Reliable answers to our most common questions

How can Alhind assist with Banking Assistance services?

Alhind provides comprehensive support for banking needs, including account setup, financial consultations, and guidance on various banking transactions.

What is the importance of Company Auditing ?

Company Auditing ensures financial transparency and integrity. Alhind conducts thorough audits to provide insights that enhance financial practices and compliance.

How does Alhind approach Logo Designing to create a unique brand identity?

Alhind's creative team collaborates with clients to design distinctive logos, reflecting the essence of their brand and creating a strong visual identity.

What services does Alhind offer in terms of Website Designing?

Alhind's Website Designing services encompass the creation of visually appealing and user-friendly websites tailored to showcase brands, products, or services effectively.

What industries does Alhind cater to with its Logo Designing services?

Alhind's Logo Designing services are versatile, catering to businesses across industries, ensuring each logo is crafted to suit the unique characteristics of the brand.

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