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Alhind was founded with the goal of offering streamlined PRO services in the UAE. The country is welcoming to investors, though navigating the necessary paperwork and permissions can be complex. By choosing Alhind as your PRO partner, you can ease this process.

We provide support with company setup, obtaining licenses, and managing PR tasks across both Mainland and Free Zones. Recognizing the distinct needs and attributes of your business, we ensure our PRO services in the UAE fully meet legal standards.

Our skilled professionals are ready to assist with every step of establishing your business, from dealing with currency fluctuations to handling documents translated into Arabic. Opting for Alhind can lead to huges savings on administrative and PRO service expenses.

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PRO Services

Government Procedures with Expertise


Reliable answers to our most common questions

What types of PRO Services does Alhind Business Centre offer?

Alhind provides a comprehensive range of PRO Services, including visa processing, document attestation, government approvals, and more. Our services cover various administrative needs.

Can Alhind assist with employee visa processing and renewals?

Yes, our PRO Services include handling employee visa applications, renewals, and related government procedures to ensure a smooth and compliant process.

How can Alhind assist with document attestation for legal purposes?

Alhind facilitates the attestation of documents for legal purposes, ensuring they meet the necessary requirements for use in official and government transactions.

Are PRO Services necessary for businesses operating in Free Zones?

Yes, businesses in Free Zones often require PRO Services for various transactions, including visas, document attestations, and government approvals.

What is the typical timeframe for completing PRO Services with Alhind?

The timeframe varies based on the specific service and government processing times. Alhind provides estimated timelines during the initial consultation.

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